The Roles of Real Estate Agents in Canada

The real estate agent helps in the buying and selling of property in Canada. Usually, they are experienced individuals who understand the industry better. Real estate companies typically employ the agents who help them in managing the various properties. They help in the collection of renting, selling of real estate property, and also offer advice on various issues that are related to real estate. Let us look at some of the roles of the real estate agents in Canada.

Listing property

listing Listing property is one of the roles of the real estate agent. If you are a homeowner and you want to sell your home, the real estate agent will take it and list it for sale. Before listing your home for sale, they will have to visit you and inspect the house. They will then advise you on some of the things to do before listing your home for sale.

He will then require the homeowner to ensure that all the legal documents of the house are in order. The listing disclosures and the agency agreements are the other things that the homeowner will be required to complete.


Marketing land or the home that they sell is another role that is played by the real estate agents. One of the ways they market is through the taking of photographs and putting them up for sale. They may advertise on the social media pages or their websites. They also organize on the various ways that the customers can travel to go and view the property in question. He also makes calls and receives them concerning the property in question.


saleThe real estate agents also ensure that the transactions are complete before handing the property to the buyer. There are different ways in which they approach this; the money can either be deposited in the account of the seller or their account.

After the money is received, they will be hiring it to the seller who will then give them their cut which is commonly called commission.


The real estate agent is also tasked with showing the buyers the different properties and the price ranges. He will call the potential homebuyer s and schedule the showings for them. For more information on real estate agents, watch the video below:

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